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The Advanced Techniques

Developing Bliss Consciousness to Create Heaven on Earth

enhance and enrich the benefits of one's daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation program. Through regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind becomes familiar with finer levels of the thinking process and with the source of thought -- Transcendental Consciousness -- the home of all the Laws of Nature. Through the Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program, the totality of Natural Law is more quickly and profoundly integrated in the awareness. As the conscious mind becomes more and more infused with pure consciousness, a powerful influence of integration and bliss is created. Every phase of thought and action spontaneously becomes more supported by the evolutionary power of Natural Law, resulting in greater fulfillment of desires in daily life.

It is a great joy to announce that Advanced Technique teachers from India are now teaching the Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program at least once a year at all the TM Centers in Lebanon.

Advanced Techniques Every Eighteen Months

All those who have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique or an Advanced Technique regularly for a minimum of 18 months may apply for instruction in an Advanced Technique. It is recommended that one continues to receive Advanced Techniques regularly every 18 months. There must be at least six months between learning the Advanced Technique and learning the TM-Sidhi program. The Advanced Techniques course includes three meetings: orientation, personal instruction, and verification and validation of experiences. Each meeting lasts one to two hours.

To Apply

For the schedule of the Advanced Techniques course, the date of the orientation meetings at which you can apply for instruction, and any further information, please send us an Email or call Maharishi Health Education Center, telephone: 961 (0)3 258868, or contact any Governor at your Local TM Center in Lebanon.

Course fees for instruction in the Advanced Techniques are the same as for the Transcendental Meditation program.

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