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Health Education Short Courses
for the Whole Population


  •  Good Health Through Prevention:
    This 16-hour course includes specific recommendations to help prevent ill health that include daily and seasonal routines, individualized diet, other health- promoting behavior, and development of higher states of consciousness -- all of which bring life increasingly into harmony with Natural Law, the basis of perfect health.


  •  Self-Pulse Reading Course for Prevention:
    This introductory course provides the theory and practical technique for detecting balance and imbalance in the body through Self-Pulse Reading. The course also describes measures to correct imbalances before disease arises.


  •  Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition:
    This course provides profound principles and practical knowledge of how to promote good health through proper diet, digestion, and nutrition. Participants learn to select their diet on the basis of the state of their physiology and the season. They learn how to promote optimal nourishment and health through balanced digestion.


  •  Human Physiology:
    Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature -- Discovery under Maharishi's guidance by Tony Nader, MD. Ph.D.: This 16-hour course presents the essence of the entire field of modern objective science and ancient subjective science. It brings to light the major discovery of the physiology in terms of its inner intelligence, whose impulses are available in the form of the Veda and Vedic Literature.


  •  Professional Training Program:
    The purpose of the one-year Professional Training Program for prevention- oriented Consultants in Health Education is to qualify participants to teach short courses on prevention-oriented health care to the whole population; and to assist licensed physicians in giving personalized programs of diet, nutritional supplements, and daily and seasonal routines for promoting physiological balance and preventing illness.

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