Residential Course
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Residential Courses

The Residential Course is one of the major courses for meditators that increases the paste evolution for the development of higher states of consciousness. The Residential Course is a special advanced course usually held for two days in a calm area, far away from the stress and pressure of the city.

The Residential Course includes the following activities:
        - Additional rounds of the TM Technique
        - Additional rounds of the Yoga Program
        - Discussion of Experiences
        - Advanced Lectures
        - Special Vegetarian Diet
        - Walk & Talk

Residential Courses provide a major step in the individual’s experience and knowledge of the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique. On the basis of rapid personal development resulting from an intensive two-day program, each person grows substantially in his ability to successfully structure progress on all the levels of his life, and thereby develops a fuller appreciation of the implications that the TM technique holds for achieving personal and social goals.


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