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The Maharishi Yoga Program

Animated Sun Salutation

The Yoga Program gives a comprehensive understanding of the nature and attainment of Yoga, which is the unification of individual and cosmic life. This program includes the Neuromuscular Integration Program (Yoga Postures) and the Neuro-Respiratory Integration Program (Breathing Exercises), which promote mind-body integration and support balanced good health.

The Neuromuscular Integration Program:
The evolution of consciousness is not possible without the purification of the body and the nervous system. The Neuromuscular Integration Program will give the good support to the TM technique to quickly eliminate the stress, and thereby, allow the individual to have a deeper experience of pure consciousness, which results in improvements on all levels in our daily life activities. The Neuromuscular Integration Program includes: The Yoga Asanas, the Suria Namaskar and Lotus position sitting, they are exercises to restore mind-body coordination and the integrated functioning of all levels of life.

The Neuro-Respiratory Integration Program:
The Neuro-Respiratory Integration Program (Pranayama) is a simple respiratory exercise pertaining to the physiology of breathing to restore integrated functioning to all levels of mind and body. 


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